Rules for photography contest 2019. Smellið hér til að sjá reglurnar á íslensku.

Submitting photos

Photos should be submitted by uploading them to a specific website, Other information which the contestant wishes to share can be uploaded at the same site. All photos must be sent in before 23:59:59 on May 15th, 2019.


Everyone is allowed to send in photos, except for those who are organising the contest. Participants under 18 years of age must have a signed consent from a parent/guardian.

Amount of photos

Each contestant can send in up to 3 photos.


When choosing the winning photographs the jurors will consider the aesthetic of the photos and their technical quality. The photos must be original, interesting and unique. They must be appropriately cropped. No sign of technical flaws due to post processing should be visible. The photos are expected to be processed in post processing programs but the effect should not be noticed. The jury´s decision is final and the process confidential.

General conditions

The contest is entirely digital. The judges will view the photographs in digital format. The photos which are sent in should not be marked in any way. All information about the contestant (name and e-mail) must be sent in with the photos. That is done by filling out the appropriate forms on the website. There is also a form for sending in information about the subject of the photo, which camera and/or equipment was used and other facts which the contestant wishes to share. If these rules are not obeyed the photos will not be considered by the jury.


Photos should be sent in with a jpeg format. Each photo should be at least 3,000 pixels wide.


The organizers of the contest will respect the copyright of the authors of submitted photos. Submitted photos will not be copied or distributed in any way except where it is considered necessary as a part of the contest proceedings. If photos are distributed in context with the contest they will have a low resolution and will be attributed to their respective authors either on the photo or adjacent to it. All further use of submitted photos will only be done with the author´s permission.